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About Us

Train. Surf. Live. Love. Laugh.

At Rincón Jiu Jitsu we believe that in order to excel at anything in life, you should possess solid values and a strong character that develop the dedication needed to achieve your goals. Our exceptional team of instructors are here to inspire you to be your very best. Joining us will give you the all-important inner strength to navigate our complex world with confidence and drive. Rincon Jiu Jitsu is s a part of Legion Jiu Jitsu Association and located in the beautiful town of Rincón Puerto Rico. The gym is own and operated by Steven Barnett and Head instructor Sean Locke who is a “Brazilian Top Team” black belt has been running a Jiu Jitsu program in Rincón for nearly 8 years. We are thankful that you have chosen us to help guide you along your martial arts journey!





Steven Barnett

Owner & Head Instructor

Steven Barnett

Steven moved to the the Island of Puerto Rico to open Rincón Jiu Jitsu Academy the beginning of 2019. He has been training

Jiu Jitsu since 2005 and wanted to move to a place where he could also pursue surfing, his newer found passion. He opened an academy in New Jersey in 2011 (The Inferno Training & Performance Center). Which one of his early students and first awarded black belt, George Tampa currently owns and operates. 


Steven was awarded his black belt by his instructor UFC veteran Kurt Pellegrino and was overseen and signed off by grappling legend Marcelo Garcia. Steven has experience competing in both grappling and mixed martial arts but always felt like he had more passion in teaching. 


“I know the positive impact martial arts has had on my life and to have the ability to help share that with others is something I am forever grateful for!”


Steven has traveled and taught many places over the world such as Costa Rica, Vietnam, Portugal, and Peru. He encourages all of his students to pack a gi with them for any trip they take. Reminding them that martial arts is an international language and gives you the ability to connect with people all over the world!


Sean Locke

Head Instructor

Sean Locke

Sean has been practicing martial arts since 1984. He began training Brazilian jiu jitsu in 1995 and received his black belt in 2008 from Fabio Holanda with Brazilian Top Team. Sean competed in BJJ until about 2007, including a professional mixed martial arts bout won by submission.

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Stefan Mihailovic

Instructor & Kids Program Director

Stefan Mihailovic

Extremely passionate about jiu jitsu and very dedicated. Started off in 2019 with a competitive focus and a few gold medals as white belt and have gradually leaned more towards the theoretical and teaching side of the martial art. Spend hours studying footage and text, and digesting and integrating techniques from jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts. Have visited and trained at a few gyms around the USA including: Art of Jiu Jitsu, B-team and New Wave where I have learned from world class teachers and athletes such as: John Danaher, Gui Mendes, Tainan Dalpra, Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan and Craig Jones. My current goal is to develop my skills and knowledge in the martial art and also my teaching skills to eventually adopt Jiu Jitsu as a career. Im proud to say I’m the director of the 8-13 kids program where I am challenged every day to be a leader and a teacher to my students. 

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Zachary Gilmore

Assistant Instructor

Zachary Gilmore

My name is Zachary Gilmore and I am a jiu jitsu blue belt. For the past four years of my life, jiu jitsu has impacted me for the better. It has helped me become stronger and more confident in myself. Whether it’s because you want to become more athletic, defend yourself, or simply because you need a hobby; jiu jitsu will benefit your life just like it has mine. Not only has it brought me joy, it’s brought me immeasurable peace.


Florencia Colón

Office Manager & Assistant Instructor

Florencia Colón

Hey there, I'm Florencia, excited to be a part of Rincon Jiu Jitsu as the Office Manager and Assistant for the lively Future Legends class, dedicated to our young warriors aged 3-7. I began my Jiu Jitsu journey in 2021 and proudly wear a blue belt today.

Beyond the academy, I'm a certified yoga teacher, finding joy in how Jiu Jitsu and yoga complement each other. They might seem different, but they fit together like bread and butter.

Jiu Jitsu means a lot more to me than just a martial art. It's been a source of healing and strength, teaching me perseverance and discipline beyond the physical moves.


As the office manager, I'm your go-to person for anything you need. You'll often catch me with a laptop in hand or capturing moments for our social media in between sweaty rolls.

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