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Have questions for us? Need additional information about our classes or academy? Our FAQs were designed to answer the most common inquiries. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We are here to help.

Does the gym have a specific uniform dress code?

Are drop ins welcomed?

Can I rent a gi?

No! Gis and rashguards of all colors are permitted. 

Yes. These are our drop in rates:

  • One Class Drop In- $25

  • Open Mat Fee- $15

  • One Week Unlimited BJJ or Muay Thai- $75

  • One Week Unlimited BJJ + Muay Thai- $100

  • One Month Pass BJJ Kids/Adults- $140

  • One Month Pass BJJ Adults + Muay Thai- $165

Make sure to fill out our Drop In Inquiry Form before visiting.

Yes, gi rental for visitors is $10.

Do I need to sign a contract in order to join the academy?

How much is the membership?

Do you offer family discounts?

No contracts needed.

It depends, I suggest visiting the "Schedule & Pricing" page to learn more.

Yes, 10% off for second membership and 20% off for third and following memberships.

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